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Hi Zaturi,

We are working on Android version as well. So, if you'd like to be first to try it, we'll let you know. Just drop your contact at our waiting list: http://www.photozeen.com/#!subscribe/c24ol
Good luck and have photo fun!
hi im actually new here just want to ask  if this app is also available for us android users ^^
You are welcome and I will definitely reach an iOS device to try out this app and try to contribute with more ideas and suggestions. I like the Quests idea, it seems to be fun!  :)
Works made with our Community shares / 2014 Photos Of The Week
« Last post by Jonas on January 26, 2015, 10:48:11 PM »
This is our compilation of all 2014 Photos of The Week that have been featured on our site! Hope you enjoy our video!

Thanks to all the community that have supported during the last year and we hope to continue to grow with more and great pics in 2015!
Presentation Board / Re: Hey!
« Last post by Jonas on January 26, 2015, 09:46:49 AM »
Hi Filipa!

Welcome to the site!   ^-^
Presentation Board / Hey!
« Last post by Filipa on January 25, 2015, 06:19:54 PM »
Hi there!!

My name is Filipa and I'm from Lisbon  ;D

My phone is a Sony Xperia Z1. And... that's it!  ::)

Dear Jonas, thanks for reply!
We are developng Photozeen for iOs only at the moment. We'd like to make it for other platforms too, but not earlier than in summer. I just hope that you have some friends with iPhone or iPad or iPod who may download the App and let you test it. Once you have it let me know here or via http://www.photozeen.com/#!contact/czpl 
I may send you some more screenshots of cource, but realize that it cannot substitute real testing.

Yes, you are right that with Photozeen we give connected photograpers smth new. And I'd say understanding of main photo technics & rules is much more important than using even the best filters:) We have more than 100 photo quests for many photo genres and skills, see screenshots. 
We try to make Photozeen also a kind of community. For example all the rates people give each other, not just some professionals. and those rates are anonymous in order to make unbiased assessment.
Thanks for the idea to organize ratings lists by these categories! We'll definetly consider such an option. 
Dmitry aka Photozeener
I don't have an iPhone but I will make sure to have a way to test this app. Do you have on other platforms like Android and Windows Phone?  If not, do you plan to launch it for it?

Without having tested it, I think the idea of the app is really cool so congrats on bringing something new to the store.

I think the (+/-) classification would elucidate better the user but it less user friendly and less appealing in term of looks, so I think the other option is better.

Not sure how the app works in terms of community (is it a place where we can see other's photos? does it work like Instagram?) but it would be nice to have some way to feature the photos in categories, like best idea, best composition, etc, according to the votes each photo would get. It could be on a daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly basis.

Once I get to see the app, I will come back with a more definitive opinion on it.
Hey photographers!

We are developing Photozeen App and try to make it more useful. The idea is to let users evaluate photos by 4 categories: Idea, Composition, Technique, Emotions. With this App we try to let people learn and practice in basic photo skills, so quality feedback for their photos is vitally important.

Have a look at screenshots, please. We did the first part of the job and people may rate photos by these categories.

And now we think how to let people know about rates their photos get.  There are some options. 
First option is to show very simple what rates’ category is done well or what is poor by showing Plus or Minus. Have a look at screenshot.

Second option is to let people know more. We could tell them results of ratings like: 10 people think that Composition of this photo is good. 7 people think that Emotions of this photo is good, etc. And in this option we never say that something is done bad, so we give just positive feedback.

So, do you like this in general and how to show rates better way?

If you are interested to test the App I’ll be grateful for your feedback!

Here it is: http://itunes.apple.com/app/id558780353?mt=8

Thank you all!
Everybody is looking forward for the Denin Update for Windows Phone that will bring new feature like Live Folders and improvements to Internet Explorer, Cortana and so on...  But for us, mobile photographers, Denin Update will also bring new features to our cameras.

Unfortunately, not all Lumia devices will receive the same features, like the 4K video or the new Lumia Camera app that will enable Rich Capture and Moment Capture that will only be available to Lumia Icon, Lumia 1520, Lumia 930 and Lumia 830. For owners of other phones like the Lumia 1020, these features will not come but there is still some to expect as Juha Alakarhu mentioned on twitter that it they made some improvements on photo quality.

Here's the promotional video made by Microsoft to show the new features of Denin Update with special focus on the Lumia Camera new features.

Just a note for the fact that they recorded this video (the last part of it) on a scenario where I and PD have made a photo session...   ^-^  (Photo 1 | Photo 2 | Photo 3)

WMPoweruser YouTube Channel has made a video demonstration of the Lumia Rich Capture mode where you can see a bit more on how it works and what results you should expect.

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