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iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus Now Available for Pre-Order. You guys are ready to throw away your old clumsy phones? I guess many people have pre-ordered new phones.

But, how will you deal with your cherish photos in your old phone? Backup it to Dropbox, iCloud or copy them to your computer , Mobile HD?

No, those ways are too troublesome and slow.

Now, Camory could solve your problems absolutely!

Camory is a cloud camera app which can take billions photos without taking space on your phone. And you could also keep on shooting even when storage space is far too low.
Other function:
***Share your precious moments in less than a moment***
No more “Send me photos later”! Taken a great group selfie at a party? Camory’s Family Album feature makes all photos instantly available to your family or friends – with you at the party or anywhere else on the planet! No need for Bluetooth or even slower file transfer options.

*** Manage billions of photos on one account***
View iPhone photos in real time on any Android Phone with just one account. No need to transfer photos every time you switch devices, and no worries about losing photos if you lose your phone.

***Keep your memories safe***
Camory integrates Amazon Cloud Services to backup your photos and keep your memories safe, even if your phone takes a dip in the ocean.

 Just download it and backup your old photos to Camory in the blink of an eye . Whether you used iPhone or Android phones.

When you get the new iPhone6s or iPhone 6s plus, login in to Camory account in the new phones, you can view all photos quickly.

Share all cherish memories with just one touch of finger! ;D

Find more amazing features in Camory:

AppStore: http://apple.co/1UU982N
GooglePlay: http://bit.ly/1gq0OKx

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