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Hi Jonas, that's too bad, but I hope some of the users here will leave their opinion. Thank you for the screenshots, I forgot about that.

Hello Mobile Photographers,

I'm Vlado and I'm developer, nice to meet you all.
I just released my new app Final Touch. It is primarily focused on photographers that want and need more control over the vignetting process. You get unparalleled control over the smoothness of the gradient by tweaking the feather size and feather falloff. The falloff is non-linear and that is something that has not been available in any app so far, as far as I know. Also there are these organic vignettes that are created randomly every time. They are distorted circles and add a more playful, even natural look to your shots.
You can create custom frames too!

Here are the main features:
  • Adjust feather size, feather falloff and opacity of the gradient
  • Move, Rotate and Scale, both uniform and nonuniform
  • Random unlimited organic vignettes
  • Vignettes in different shapes: circle, ellipse, square, rectangle and organic
  • Add Grain to your vignette
  • Scale and change the opacity of the grain
  • Overlay as many vignettes as you want
  • Custom Frames with slightly rounded corners
  • Baked in presets for fast edits
  • Save your own presets and use them on the fly
  • Gesture driven UI
  • Some cool UI gesture, double tap the center to reset the position, double tap one of the 4 anchors to reset rotation and scale

If vignetting is your thing grab Final Touch now:

P.S. Let me know what you think about it

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