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Edit: thanks for cleaning up the spam, Jonas ;)

Hey Jonas,
Thanks for giving me the chance to introduce myself!

I am glad to be part of the community here ;)

Hey Ashish, nice to read a little bit about you ;)

I really like those macros you posted here and especially your sunsets, keep it up mate :Thumbs

Forum Support / GPS information in Gallery
« on: October 11, 2014, 10:24:47 PM »
Hello Admins, Mods and whoever else is reading this!

I have two suggestions for the Gallery, both related to GPS.
Hopefully you like the suggestions and see what you can do about it.

Add a map
The current gallery design would leave enough room for a small map next to the picture.
Using the GPS information from the exif data to show its location via google maps would be really cool.

remove GPS information
I know, this is quite the opposite.
But some users may not be aware of their phone (and this gallery) showing location information in the pictures (which are easily available for download).
An additional checkbox in the upload dialog would be nice, to get rid of the location data if I don't want to share that information.
I know I can remove it manually, before uploading the shot. So it would just be for convenience.

Keep up the good work guys :Thumbs

Hey Massis,

Nice to get some background story on one of my favourite photographers here :Thumbs

Keep sharing your photos and if you have time, more of those helpful tutorials ;)

Hey PureView1000,
Good to read a little bit about you.

I'm looking forward to see what you can do with your shiny, new Lumia 930 ;)

I hope you had fun with the MS/Nokia staff!
Out of curiosity, did you get invited for any particular reason or was it an open event?
Anything interesting you would like to share about it?

BTT; yes, I know it was the OS holding back a "better" Lumia 1020... but as a consumer, I don't really care for the technical excuses, I just want the best damn phone they can build :P

I just think the timing was unfortunate.
If it would have been released alongside the Lumia 920 (or even in spring last year together with the Lumia 925), nobody could have complained.
(Obviously by then the combination of OIS and 41MP wasn't ready yet, just saying "what if" ;))

But they kept it US-only during summer and it hit the global stores later in october!
October 2013 was almost a year after the launch of the 920 (and it's still based on the same technology!) and actually the same month Nokia showed us the much more powerful Lumia 1520.

So speaking for the global market, if the Lumia 1020's launch would have been delayed just one or two months, it could have been released alongside the 1520.
Making the 1020 much more powerful and future proof and at the same time, offer an up-to-date alternative for those of us who don't want a phablet...

About my "what if" scenario...
Obviously a release alongside the 920 would have been pointless. If the 1020 would have been ready by then, nobody would need a 920.
But alongside the 925 would have been good, one with a kick-ass camera and the other one slim and stylish, a great choice for customers.
Alongside the 1520 would also have complimented the product range, with a phablet and an equally capable 4.5" device...both taking advantage of the momentum around the GDR3/Nokia Black update.
And it wouldn't even have conflicted with the upcoming 930 either, given that this one will offer a 5", 1080p display and a slimmer, stylish form factor.

The last option would have been my favourite and let's face it, the 1020 didn't sell so well that they couldn't have waited one or two more months...

To wrap things up on my previous comment:

The only competition the 1020's camera has, comes from the 808.
But they are too different to really pick a favourite, the "41MP PureView" branding aside, they have nothing in common...

The 808 has the larger sensor, ND filter, stronger flash, additional jpeg settings and it works much faster.
On the other hand, the 1020 has a BSI sensor, many more software features (reframing, smart sequence, etc.), a gorgeous, easy to use interface and of course OIS.

Ultimately I think the Lumia 1020 is a good (upper) mid-range smartphone with a high-end camera.
With the price dropping and Windows Phone 8.1 right around the corner, definitly a phone worth buying!

Thanks! I would test it myself, but I don't have the 920 anymore...

Hey Jonas,

Very nice review! I especially like the ISO comparison and the videos :Thumbs
I have my 1020 since it was released here in Switzerland last october and I really like it, I can't see any other phone on the market that would fit me better right now.

Inspired by your review, I would like to share some of my own critics about the 1020.
(I don't want to sound too negative about this phone, as I said, it is currently the best phone out there for me... but there are some things that bother me (and since you already covered most the positive sides, I'd like to share some downsides))

I know this is about the camera and not the device in genral, but performance is an issue in my opinion.
The Snapdragon S4 is simply not up to date... While everything built-in (Nokia Camera aside) works very fast and responsive even on the low end devices, 3rd party apps could sure use a performance boost.
With a relativly high price, I would expect more from the 1020 than beeing "yet another 920 clone".
Don't get me wrong, the phone doesn't feel slow or outdated... just not as good as it could be (or should be, given the price and date of its global release).

Overall I would call the performance very consistend, rather than fast and fluid.

As for the camera, even Steven Elop mentioned yesterday, that the 1020 could have been better, if Nokia and Microsoft would have worked closer together (can't wait to see the proof in form of a 1020 successor :D)
Of course it is complaining on a very high level, but the 1020 does feel like a compromise coming from the Nokia 808.

This comes down a lot to my personal behaviour, but the camera's speed is a real issue for me.
I like taking spontaneous shots of people, with the 808 thats no problem. Keep the shutter button pressed and you have a series of photos (of which you can pick the perfect moment you were looking for), with 4 seconds shot-to-shot time thats not possible and you can easily miss a great moment.
That also applies to photos of animals (even more so, because you can't tell them to hold still and smile at the camera).

The option to save custom settings (creative mode on the 808) is another thing I really miss.
Let's say you are on a hiking trip, on the 808 you can use the custom settings for different scenarios.
I can fiddle with the settings to be perfect for landscapes and then save it as C1, switch to C2/C3 for close ups or people without messing up my landscape-settings.
That way I can adjust for a scene with minor changes, instead of going through everything again (focus, WB, etc.).

Although, the 1020 does deserve credit for the more intelligent automatic mode and the easy to use interface, making it less of a pain to adjust correctly.

As far as pure quality goes, it can't really decide which one is better... it really depends on the situation.
I kinda prefer the 808 more "pure" approach, but the 1020 definitly evens the odds with its software capabilities like reframing.

I do have one additional question for you.
It feels like the results shot with "smart sequence", "refocus" or "cinemagraph" on the 1020, are actually inferior to what I got from my previous Lumia 920.
I know you had a 920 too before, did you notice anything like that?

Hey Massis,
Thanks for the tutorial, pretty amazing what you did with your 808 and 1020 :Thumbs

Doing something like this, is quite tempting to myself too... I didn't do it so far, because I think I just wouldn't carry around the filters with me enough (same reason why I don't have a DSLR).

Btw. if anyone is looking for a simpler solution, I added a picture of my attempt as an attachement

Mobile Photography Techniques / Re: Raw editing
« on: April 04, 2014, 08:53:06 PM »
Thanks for the tips and samples.
I want to give RAW a try ever since I installed the Nokia Black update, just haven't found time yet.

great collection! looking forward to more videos like this :Thumbs

Old Mobile Video Gallery / Re: Lumia 1020 in low-light
« on: March 03, 2014, 11:19:29 AM »
Maybe it will come with the Black update ? Or a future 1080p successor ?
It got a little bit better on the Nokia Black update. Not perfect, but better :)

Old Mobile Video Gallery / Re: Lumia 1020 in low-light
« on: November 16, 2013, 05:10:45 PM »
actually, the zoom needs some updates on the Lumia 1020!
once zoomed in, everything is fine... but the moment you apply the zoom, you can see a stutter in the video.

thats something that also bothered me in still photography, the zoom is not as fluid as it is on the 808.
but of course for photography it doesn't really matter, but video quality kinda suffers from this.

but then again, the shakey image on the 808 when zoomed in (lack of OIS) is not perfect either :-\

I first intended to make a list of 10...  I quickly understood that 10 would leave too many spectacular photos out. So I started enlarging the list and 31 seemed to me like a magical number. Different from those 5, 10, 20 lists and being so singular, I thought it was perfect to show also how singular is the Pureview Technology!  :D
I think the magical PureView number is 41 :P

congrats theOne1893, also a cool picture from you  ;)
thanks, also congrats on your first post here ;)

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