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With a great diversity of photographs, Sanjay is a Lumia enthusiast that has shared on our site more than 100 photos, reaching more than 15K views. Now it's time to know a bit better the guy behind the camera. This is his interview!

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Sanjay Kanti Seth and I've completed 37 springs. I reside in Mumbai (India) and I am a businessman. Creativity always attracts me no matter which area it is. Other than photography I love Art and poetry. In 2013 a poetry book (Title:Suno samay Jo kahta hai, Hindi Language) of 34 young poets was published in India and I'm one of them.

2. What was your journey to mobile photography?

My journey of Mobile photography began with lumia920. However I hadn't purchased Lumia 920 with the intention of photography, it was just wanted a Windows OS phone. Being a businessman I am mostly on tour. During my last few tours I captured some moments with the amazing phone which got circulated in my friend's circle. My circle presented me with some amazing comments and praises. This was a turning point for me as far as my passion for mobile photography is concerned. Then and there I started taking my mobile photography seriously.
There after I associated my self with Facebook group MOBILE PHOTOGRAPHY PHILIPPINES where in I learn the details and skills of mobile photography. I am heartily grateful to MOBILE PHOTOGRAPHY PHILIPPINES that, aside being from other country, allowed me to showcase my creativity with my dream phone Lumia 1020

3. What phone(s) do you use to take your photographs?

Currently I am using Lumia 920 as well as Lumia 1020. However the most awesome clicks I am recently captured are with Lumia 1020. I am huge fan and extremely crazy about his 41 MP camera and xenon flash. It gives me amazing clarity and detailed photos.

4. What is your favorite kind of photography? What you consider to be your specialties?

I like portrait, macro,landscape and low light photography. I have began to feel that my eyes are lens. All the moments that are happening around me, I instantly have an urge to capture them in my camera. I am obsessed with the colors and faces around me. I freeze all these expressions and hues in my photos now, which gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction. I am super attracted to the soulful expression of the living beings, using my flight of imagination. I also edit the moments I capture. Yes I do love editing the photos using varied imaginations and illusions.

5. Do you use any mobile photography accessories?

I am using Macro lens, 12X Telephoto lens with mini tripod.

6. Do you take advantage of the many photography apps that are available for smartphones? If so, tell us your favorite ones.

Yes, I m also fond of Adobe PhotoShop express, Fantasia painter, Fotor and Fhotoroom apps. With the help of these apps I play with the various photos and try to give them a unique and experimental outlook.

7. What are your ambitions as a mobile photographer?

Presently my only wish is if I could exhibit my photographs in as exhibition and reach the zenith of success with my mobile photography. My ambition now is that I get my mobile photographs published in a magazine.

8. What would be your dream camera phone?

I am proud owner of Lumia1020 and a proudly called it my dream phone. I can't  praise enough its 41 MP camera with pure view technology and xenon flash. These features make this phone the most extraordinary camera phone in the current times. I can undoubtedly call it the best camera phone in the recent time

9. Select what you consider to be the best 3 photos that you have shared at The Mobile Photography Blog.

Fly with me

It's me

Precious drop

10. Finally, beside our site, where can we find you on the internet world?

You Can find me on my Facebook Page Lumiagrapher Sanjay kanti seth, that I invite you to like.

Other than Facebook, I'm on:

Instagram: http://instagram.com/sanjaykseth/

Youpic: https://youpic.com/photographer/Sanjaykantiseth

National geographic  - Your shot: http://yourshot.nationalgeographic.com/profile/857642/

Talent house: https://www.talenthouse.com/sanjay-kanti-Seth

Fine Art America: http://sanjaykanti-seth.fineartamerica.com/

You can also check all his amazing photos on our Gallery!

It's been a while since our last interview but we are back to know a bit better one long time member, Ashish Maurya. With more than 100 rates and 12K views on his photos, Ashish is already a star on our site. This is his interview:

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

My Name is Ashish Maurya. I am 21Years old. I reside in Delhi , the capital of India. I'm an engineering student (Mechanical engineering). My hobbies include photography , playing cricket , watching cartoons and, of course, traveling.

2. What was your journey to mobile photography?

I just get involved into mobile photography only one year back and started with this blog and then a Facebook group - Nothing but a Nokia ( NBAN ). I want to say a huge thanks  to Jonas who appreciated photographs of everyone here. so basically, I'm new and still learning and want to learn every thing about photography.

3. What phone(s) do you use to take your photographs?

I have used Nokia N8, Nokia 603 and currently using a Redmi Note LTE

4. What is your favorite kind of photography? What you consider to be your specialties?

I love sunrise/sunset , macro and landscapes. "Water and sunrise", I love this combination in photography .

5. Do you use any mobile photography accessories?

No any special accessories I use.

6. Do you take advantage of the many photography apps that are available for smartphones? If so, tell us your favorite ones.

Yes off course, I use Adobe Photoshop express much more over any other photo editing app , sometimes Pixlr, Snapseed and Fotor too.  I use only smartphone apps to make any enhancement in photos.

7. What are your ambitions as a mobile photographer?

I would love to see my photo on a magazine cover , if any day .

8. What would be your dream camera phone?

My dream phone would be a hybrid of Nokia lumia 1020 and Nokia lumia 1520 with 41 megapixel 1 inche imaging sensor .

9. Select what you consider to be the best 3 photos that you have shared at The Mobile Photography Blog.

1st - Blue-hour ??

2nd - Morning Field

3rd - Fisherman

10. Finally, beside our site, where can we find you on the internet world?

Sorry , I'm only here but you can find me on Facebook too. :D

You can enjoy all Ashish Maurya Photos on our gallery!

Works made with our Community shares / 2014 Photos Of The Week
« on: January 26, 2015, 10:48:11 PM »
This is our compilation of all 2014 Photos of The Week that have been featured on our site! Hope you enjoy our video!

Thanks to all the community that have supported during the last year and we hope to continue to grow with more and great pics in 2015!

Everybody is looking forward for the Denin Update for Windows Phone that will bring new feature like Live Folders and improvements to Internet Explorer, Cortana and so on...  But for us, mobile photographers, Denin Update will also bring new features to our cameras.

Unfortunately, not all Lumia devices will receive the same features, like the 4K video or the new Lumia Camera app that will enable Rich Capture and Moment Capture that will only be available to Lumia Icon, Lumia 1520, Lumia 930 and Lumia 830. For owners of other phones like the Lumia 1020, these features will not come but there is still some to expect as Juha Alakarhu mentioned on twitter that it they made some improvements on photo quality.

Here's the promotional video made by Microsoft to show the new features of Denin Update with special focus on the Lumia Camera new features.

Just a note for the fact that they recorded this video (the last part of it) on a scenario where I and PD have made a photo session...   ^-^  (Photo 1 | Photo 2 | Photo 3)

WMPoweruser YouTube Channel has made a video demonstration of the Lumia Rich Capture mode where you can see a bit more on how it works and what results you should expect.


Panasonic had announced for a while their new Lumix CM1 that would bring together a Digital Camera with an Android Phone. Released last month, this new phone was one of the attraction at CES 2015.

By the presentation video made by Panasonic, you can have a quick view of his capabilities and comprehend that this phone is all about camera.

The 20 Mpixel camera features a 1" size sensor, this phone brings the largest sensor seen on a phone at the moment. Previously, the famous Nokia 808 Pureview had the biggest sensor camera on the market with a 1/1.2", larger than his predecessor the Nokia Lumia 1020, that is now overtaken by Panasonic.

The Lumix CM1 comes with a fixed 28mm LEICA lens, so no zoom here on the opposite of the new Asus ZenFone Zoom, but, like the Asus, it also has a variable aperture which goes from f/2.8 to a whopping f/11 (impressive for a smartphone). Just out of the curiosity, even if both phones come with the great advantage of a variable Aperture, this is not new on mobile phones as the Nokia N86 had also this feature.

Other great features are the Manual Focus (that can be controlled by the ring around the lenses), the stunning ISO 12800, RAW Mode, Live Histogram and the 4K video recording with 4K PhotoCapture.

Has you can see from the photo above, while using the camera, this phone is not exactly thin and it does resemble more like a camera than a phone, which might make it a bit clunky to carry it all the time on a pocket.

Panasonic Lumix CM1 Photo Sample

The sample photos from Panasonic official product page are not enough to get an idea of this camera can produce but you can check on CNET review some photos and I must say I liked what I saw but I'm not yet truly impressed.

CNET Panasonic Lumix CM1 Photo - Check CNET review for full resolution

You can also check the CNET hands-on video of this phone that, in my opinion, is one of the best videos on showing the camera interface.

The biggest downside of the Panasonic Lumix CM1 is clearly the price tag. With an announced $1000 price, this will not be certainly a phone for the masses.

In conclusion, there are new players launching phones for the mobile photographers market that has been growing in the last years and we have more and more options coming on 2015.


Asus has announced the new ZenFone Zoom that should arrive in the second quarter of this year to the market. Equipped with a 13 MegaPixel camera, this phone brings a 3x optical zoom, something seen only until now on Samsung.

On the opposite of Samsung, Asus seemed to have done a pretty well job on the compromise between a phone and a digital camera, maintaining an 11.95 mm thickness on a 158.9 x 78.84 mm sized phone.

The similarities to the Nokia Lumia 1020 are obvious even if the specs are quite different, starting by the Operating System of the phone, being the Asus an Android phone vs Windows Phone on Lumia. The Asus, with a 13 MegaPixel Camera and a 3x zoom, is a serious competitor to the Nokia Lumia 1020 41 MegaPixel. The key here is the comparison of the Optical vs Digital results that will depend on how the sensor will perform. Note that Asus hasn't announced the sensor size, which is something that needs to be cleared out later.

One big advantage when compared to the Lumia 1020 is the introduction of a variable aperture. The f/2.7- to 4.8 aperture on Asus will allow you to get great bokeh effects (the Nokia Lumia 1020 has a  f/2.2 fixed aperture) but also more options for putting what you want in focus as well all the combinations between Exposure, ISO and Aperture that you will be able to do. Is it also yet to know what exposure times will Asus be able to do.

Apart from it, the Asus comes with a 10 elements lense vs the 6 elements camera of the Nokia Lumia 1020 which might be or not an advantage since the extra elements might end up making Asus to need more light for a similar exposed photo.

The Asus brings also optical image stabilization (OIS), laser auto-focus and dual-color Real Tone flash, being OIS a feature present on the Lumia while the laser auto-focus, that should allow a better and faster focus, is present on the LG G3.

The price announced is of $399 before taxes. For all details of the phone, you can check Asus website.

In the end, it all be decided on the field with real photos but this is certainly a promising phone for the mobile photography enthusiasts and we are looking forward to see some samples soon!

So, what do you say about this phone?

iOS Photography Apps / Toon Camera - iOS Photography App Review
« on: December 14, 2014, 10:20:33 PM »
ToonCamera is a great app to create cartoon, painting or drawing style photos. It has the possibility to edit photos from your gallery or take directly from the app, featuring live preview of them. Aside from photos, it can also record video with the possibility of changing the effects without stopping it.

In resume, this application has:

* 14 type of effects
* 6 effect variations (3 levels of stroke and 3 curve variations)
* Ability to shot from the camera or edit from the gallery (including editing of videos)
* Main share options like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram or Thumblr
* 2 saving options - Normal and High Resolution

While using this app, we missed the simple editing tools like crop and rotation or brightness, contrast and saturation levels, which will force you to use another app to do it. Not being the main purpose of the app, we think that these simple things might and maybe should be there.

In conclusion, the app is really enjoyable to play with and the 14 type of effects will allow you to shot some creative photos. Here are some of those that we took.

*** First Example ***

Original photo

Filter Applied 1

Filter Applied 2

Filter Applied 3

*** Second Example ***

Original photo

Filter Applied 1

Filter Applied 2

*** Third Example ***

Original photo

Filter Applied

Check also our Video Review of this app:

In conclusion, we think that this is a fun app to have and worth to pay for even if it might be a bit overpriced. In the end, if you like this type of photography, you won't regret having it.

Name: ToonCamera   |   Platform: iOS   |   Price: $1.99

Mobile Photography Contests and Events / Xmas in Lisbon 2014
« on: November 29, 2014, 11:43:51 AM »

On the next Wednesday, (3rd of December) I and some friends of TMPB are meeting in Lisbon Downtown for a photo walk to capture for eternity the Xmas 2014 in Lisbon!   ^-^

The meeting point will be in Rossio Square (Praça de D. Pedro IV) near the statue by 19:30.  From there, we will be heading from Rua Augusta to Praça do Comércio (Terreiro do Paço) where the session will end.  I estimate that we will be spending about 1 to a max of 2 hours. This meeting will serve to TMPB members to get to know each other, to take some photos and even to learn a bit about photography techniques.

If you wish to also take your digital camera, you are free to do it.  :)

The photos are to be shared later on the "Christmas Around the World 2014" Gallery: http://themobilephotographyblog.com/gallery/?cat=19

For the organization purposes, please confirm your presence by posting on this topic.

In this tutorial we will demonstrate how to remove the background on a photo and some tips on how you should do it. We also show how to do it on a phone (it's actually easier to do on a PC) in a video made by regiehiguit using a MyPhone Agua Ocean Elite and the app Photo Editor for Android. There are similar apps for iOS and Windows Phone, like Pics Art and others, so if you don't use an Android and want to replicate the process, you can do it by using similar apps.

The background can really make the difference on photo.  With a great landscape, a bokeh or his absence, there are many ways to play with it. In this tutorial, we will see the advantage of eliminating it.

In this case, the background had distracting elements that didn't contribute in anything for the photo and, by removing it, you could in fact increase his drama and impact. When editing a photo, you can also choose to remove elements that you think they should not be there, like the purse in this case.

There are some tips that you can follow to achieve a better portrait. You have best results when you already have some natural shadow on the photo, with one face more illuminated than the other. The final result will always have a bigger impact and will look better than an artificial shadow, even if you can artificially increase an existing one.

Other effects like contrast, brightness and gama can help to completely remove any remaining parts of the background as well disguise any part of the editing that was less perfect.

So, here's the video on how this editing was made:

This technique can also be applied to other different subjects. Here's another example, this time with a flower:

Have you used this technique already? Share your photos on our gallery!

If you have other similar techniques, share with us here!

Mobile Photography Contests and Events / Christmas Around the World 2014
« on: November 13, 2014, 08:24:50 PM »

Christmas is celebrated around the world in many different ways.

To celebrate it also at The Mobile Photography Blog, we decided to create a special gallery for all members to share their Xmas photos from their Countries, Cities and homes.

When posting your photos, please always refer where the photo was taken (Country/City)!

Here's the link for the Gallery: http://themobilephotographyblog.com/gallery/?cat=19 and let's start sharing some Xmas!  :)

This week we interviewed a long-time member who's passion for mobile phones lead him to create his own site. Having the mobile photography as an hobbie and passion, he shared some beautiful landscapes from his country, Switzerland, on our site. Here's his interview.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

My Name is Daniel, I am 25 years old and live in Switzerland.

I am an IT professional and part of my job is the installation and maintenance of servers, clients and networks and of course the user support, basically anything but software development.

I usually spend my free time with my friends and family, I try to work out once in a while and occasionally enjoy some gaming on my Xbox.

One thing I am really passionate about is my favorite football club "FC Basel 1893", I am a huge fan ever since I grew up!

Last but not least, I really like photography! But you already know that ;)

2. What was your journey to mobile photography?

To start with a fun-fact, I have never owned a real camera! A few disposable cameras for holidays in my childhood aside, all I know about photography is based on my experience with phones.

I think I was about 13-14 years old, when I finally got my first mobile phone, the Nokia 3650. I probably was the last kid in school to get a phone of his own, but at the same time, I was the first one to have a phone with a built-in camera. The horrible 0.3MP images and the pixelated 15-seconds videos I was able to shoot with it, didn’t exactly impressed me but it was fun to play with it nevertheless.

Until the Nokia N95 came along, photography was just a gimmick on my phones for me… The N95 changed that to a certain degree. As impressive as it was, it still had its quirks. But it got me more excited about the future of mobile photography.

So when the Nokia N8 was announced, I knew that it was going to be my next phone for sure. The N8 was what really started my addiction for mobile photography. The experience I got from using the N8 came in really handy, when I upgraded to the Nokia 808 PureView.

Of course after the 808, there was no going back to anything below that stunning image quality. Which is why I choose the Lumia 1020 as its successor.

I like the challenge of mobile photography, the cameras are inferior to real DSLR’s and it requires more attention to get a great photo. I think I learned a lot about photography in general, from shooting on my phones. And of course knowing that I always have my camera with me for taking spontaneous pictures is another bonus.

3. What phone(s) do you use to take your photographs?

Right now, I own the Nokia Lumia 1020 and the Nokia 808 PureView. The Lumia takes the cake for video, but for still photography I prefer my 808.

Usually I only carry my Lumia with me, but for special occasions I take the 808 along too. Its superior speed and impressive battery life are really helpful for an amateur like me.

4. What is your favorite kind of photography? What you consider to be your specialties?

Switzerland has a wide variety of different landscapes, I always keep my eyes open for those. Marcos are cool too, the combination of DoF and lossless zoom on the 808/1020 can create great effects.

I am always trying to get photos of people in a natural way, not the staged/fake poses, but I am still working on getting that right.

5. Do you use any mobile photography accessories?

On my Nokia 808, I use the lanyard that came with it. It probably looks a little dorky, but it adds safety and makes sure I don’t drop my phone. I can only recommend it, because it allows for more flexibility and safety for more risky shots (like leaning over a bridge, on a boat or just some angles you usually don’t feel comfortable with otherwise.

As for the Lumia 1020, I got the camera grip as part of my pre-order back last year. It is really fun to use, but unfortunately attaching/removing the grip puts a lot of pressure on the USB port and I guess I used it too many times by now… It broke the USB port and my Lumia is now in repair. I still have a full year of warranty, so I probably continue using it. But once my warranty runs out next year, I am not going to touch it again.

6. Do you take advantage of the many photography apps that are available for smartphones? If so, tell us your favorite ones.

Since most apps don’t take full advantage of the 41MP sensor on the Lumia 1020, I try to avoid them.

I stick to the Nokia Camera application and sometimes for group shots or just for fun, I use the smart sequence feature in it. I especially like the ability to change faces of people, it works surprisingly well. Reframing and Creative Studio are great tools too!

7. What are your ambitions as a mobile photographer?

I am happy with my job and don’t think I have the talent to go Pro anyway.   :P

So this is pretty simple, I just want to enjoy taking photos as a hobby. To learn from others and receive feedback is the reason why I am part of the community here.

8. What would be your dream camera phone?

Considering the options currently available on the market, the Lumia 1020 is a perfect match for me.

Building a Frankenstein-Phone out of the current options, I’d say:
I’d take the size of the Lumia 930, but cut down the screen to 4.7”/1080p, to make space for HTC’s boom sound speakers. Throw in the LG G3’s Snapdragon 805 to handle the 1020’s camera (or go with an imaging processor like in the 808 to boost the speed, if the 805 isn’t enough).

A microSD Card slot and built-in wireless charging should be there as well. If there is any space left, give me a larger battery or make it removable. Having it waterproofed like the Sony flagships are, would be nice too.

Looking at the next generation, I hope that we will see a 1020 successor summer/autumn next year. Sporting a Snapdragon 810 which should solve all the performance issues the 1020 has right now and hopefully bring back wireless charging and microSD cards.

9. Select what you consider to be the best 3 photos that you have shared at The Mobile Photography Blog.

Picking three favorites was not easy, but I guess I go with these:

1. Mountain Lake

2. Mountain Flower

3. Dreamy dog

10. Finally, beside our site, where can we find you on the internet world?

Aside from here, you can find me on Twitter (@theOne1893), on G+ (https://plus.google.com/u/0/115337833429431533901) and Flickr (https://www.flickr.com/photos/theone1893/) and I also have a Blog, but that hasn’t been updated in a long time (http://theonecfw.blogspot.com/).

Don't forget to check his gallery on our site!

After been asked on how I made some photos where I had cloned partially the photo, I decided to make this is a video tutorial. Hope you like it!

The Fantasia Painter version that appears on the video is the Paid one (as I bought it to support the developer) but you can do the same with the Free version.

Feel free to ask any question.  :)

News and Announcements / We have just reached 1.000 Likes on Facebook!
« on: November 01, 2014, 09:57:23 AM »
We just reached 1000 likes on our Facebook page!

Help us to be even bigger by inviting your friends to like our page too! It's easy, just head to your Facebook Page and on the left side, there is the option to invite your friends to like us.

Thank you all for being part of the The Mobile Photography community and for all the love and support.

The site Connect at DPreview has made an extensive review of the new iPhone6 Plus Camera with tests to his photo and video capabilities.

Overall, Connect at DPreview concludes that the new iPhone6 Plus camera, aside being an 8 Mpixels, is a great option and can capture more details than many of the 13 MPixels cameras on the competition. The Panorama and HDR are the best features while the new TimeLapse mode has still to improve to be a better alternative than the ones available at the App Store.

The review is really extensive but we advise you to don't miss the Image Quality & Performance, the Video Tests and, of course, one of our favorite parts, the comparison with other cameras in Good Light and Low Light Conditions.

In the end, these are the Good and Bad points of DPreview about the iPhone6 Camera:

The Good

*    Reliable exposure and natural colors
*    Good detail and well-balanced noise reduction across all light levels
*    Good flash exposure and color
*    Smooth and stable 1080p video
*    Very good slow motion video feature
*    Simple and intuitive camera user interface
*    Well-stitched and very large panorama images
*    Efficient HDR mode captures natural results
*    Premium body materials and design
*    Responsive camera and overall performance
*    Very fast shot-to-shot times and burst shooting
*    Reliable and very fast autofocus system in both stills and video modes
*    Good battery life

The Bad

*    Limited camera feature set
*    File export to computer can be cumbersome
*    Occasional slight underexposure in night scenes
*    No dedicated shutter button
*    Low-resolution front camera
*    No 4K video

You can read the full review of the iPhone6 Plus Camera at Connect.Dpreview.

This week we interviewed Bartez83, a mobile photographer that has shown a great diversity of works, from highly post-processed artworks to pure photos. Here is his interview:

1. Tell us a bit about yourself

First of all let me thank you for inviting me for this interview. My name is Bartosz, also known as “bartez83” on internet. I'm 31 yrs old, Polish and currently live in London with my wife and son. I’m a mobile photography enthusiast inspired by the everyday things around me. My photos are a mix of styles that I feel work best with the original image. Mobile photography has allowed me to interpret my feelings about environment, conditions, and situations. I love heavily edited photographs that looks like paintings or digital art.

2. What was your journey to mobile photography?

I always had big interest in photography as my father is macro and wildlife photographer. in 2004 I bought my first mobile phone with snap-on camera accessory.

It was Sony Ericsson Mca-25 Communicam Cell Phone Camera attached to my Sony Ericsson T230 and since then a lot has changed in mobile photography and it actually took nearly 10 years to develop acceptable quality of images taken with mobile phone or smartphone. I became seriously interested in mobile photography about 3 years ago. At this time I was using Samsung Galaxy S2. I remember I had downloaded a couple of editing apps to crop and enhance some of my family snapshots and then I realized that I could create something absolutely new and artsy by adding some filters, effects or just simply playing with contrast, saturation etc. and that's how it started. Then I began to learn about photography by reading books and watching other photographers work and art. I also shoot with my compact cameras Fuji XF1 and X20.

3. What phone(s) do you use to take your photographs?

As I am a big Samsung fan recently I used Samsung Galaxy S2, Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S5.

4. What is your favorite kind of photography? What you consider to be your specialties?

I'm actually at the stage of exploration of what kind of photography and what style will suits me but I find these kinds as my favorite:  Street, Architectural, Landscape, Nature and Wildlife.

5. Do you use any mobile photography accessories?

Mostly tripods. I have about 10 of different tripods :D I also have a kit of Telephoto, macro, and wide angle lenses but rarely use it.

6. Do you take advantage of the many photography apps that are available for smartphones? If so, tell us your favorite ones.

Yes, photography apps play a big role in my work. here are some of my faves: Snapseed, Picsart, Handy Photo, Vsco Cam, Pixlr Express.

7. What are your ambitions as a mobile photographer?

To develop my own style, become recognizable in mobile photography community and participate in exhibitions.

8. What would be your dream camera phone?

Actually it would be Samsung Galaxy S5 with little changes. Additionally I would like to manually adjust focus and exposure to get exactly the shot I desire, add a protective lens cover, same like in Sony Ericsson K800 ;) also would be great to save last used settings. It annoys me to set it every time I start camera again.

9. Select what you consider to be the best 3 photos that you have shared at The Mobile Photography Blog

I find this question the hardest one so I let you choose for me :)))

(We accepted the challenge and went through all his photos and found these that we really liked)

1. City needs a superhero

2. Pleasant Journey

3. Drawing the lines

10. Finally, beside our site, where can we find you on the Internet world?

Instagram: bartez83 - only mobile shots
Flickr: bartez83 - mobile and non-mobile shots.
Google+: Bartosz Wiatrak  - mobile and non-mobile shots.

You can also see all his photos on our Gallery!

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