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There are many photo editing apps available in smartphones right now and all have amazing useful feature in making your photo will look to its best. It is really convenient that if you have those apps installed in your phone you can edit and make fine adjustments on your newly shot compositions right away.
One photo editor that I like, also been used by many mobile photographers here, is Adobe Photoshop Express which an on-the-go photo editing app. This software is available for iPhone, Android and Windows phones. It has an easy to learn interface and features which are useful on enhancing your photo. I have this installed on my Lumia 1020 and so far I like it and used several times. Also this app is perfect for those who just shot their photo on JPEG format and cannot wait for a computer to edit their pictures.
So I going to show you guys some tools and features of Adobe Photoshop Express but in Windows phone version. I believe that the interface of this app is still the same in iOS and in Android. This apps is free to download but some features need to be fully purchased in order for you to use them.

In opening Adobe Photoshop Express, the menus that will show first are Capture and Camera Roll.

If you select Capture the camera will launch for you to take a shot and that photo will be ready for editing. Other one is Camera Roll where you will choose one picture saved from your phone to be edited.

Once you chosen a photo, the menus that will show are the looks, adjustments, borders, crop and red eye.
Also in the bottom part there is a undo, quickfix and see original. The undo will able you to undo the settings you just made. If you press quickfix you allow the app to make an adjustment to your selected photo. One useful feature is the see original, tap this and you will see your photo's original. What is it before you apply some changes so you can compare the changes.
The undo will able you to undo the settings you just made.

In tapping looks menu the app will show you many one touch filters like Vibrant, Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter, Invert, Bueno, Pastel, Haze, Koi, Aquatic, Misty, Dappled, Dream, Superpunch, Vivid, Glow, Contrastpunch, B&W, Carmine and many there are many more which need purchased in order for you to apply them in your photos.

For me, only some of these filters are good and applicable to make a good looking photo. But of course, it's still up to your skills guys.

There is a slider of how intense the effect of your chosen filter to your photo.
In every setting you made, the Adobe Photoshop Express is showing you the changes right away.

So going on to adjustments menu. Here you can see many settings that you can adjust using a slider. Available settings are Clarity, Sharpen, Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, Shadow, Temperature, Tint and Vibrance which are free to tweak your photos to your desired output. Reduce Noise and Defog can be unlocked for purchasing the app. This is where the magic usually happened. Just be creative and experiment to settings as many times as you want. Do not worry, it will not over-write your original.
But for me the adjustments on free version are already sufficed to make your photo amazing. As they say less is more.

In borders menu displays variety of frames for your photo which is categorized in three: Basic, Edges and Frames.
And I really cannot recommend them because for me they make the photo unrealistic or it will look funny. Maybe if there is a good one, it is the Vignette Black only.

One useful feature of Adobe Photoshop Express is crop. Yeah it can able you to crop your photo with ease.
Additionally you can able to flip your photo if you like and rotate. But importantly, it also able you to straighten your photo if you captured slightly tilt horizon for example or you just want to tilt the photo intentionally.

So for me Adobe Photoshop Express is one of the good app that must have for mobile photographers. It is hassle free editing because you can enhance your photo any place at any time with no need of importing it to a computer. More importantly, it has all necessary tools that you will need to make your photo spectacular. Settings are enough to make a good adjustments for your shots.

So guys, is Adobe Photoshop Express a good photo editing app or not?

Thanks for reading this article of mine. Hope you enjoyed it my fellow mobile photographers!
Please free to comment or ask guys!  :)

Nice review Sir Jonas! Before I chosen that I want Lumia 1020 as my phone, I read many reviews and watch some videos too. It really surpass all of the phone and I am really impress to it's feature. After that I say, if I will have that phone I will never dream of other smartphones. Then I have it! And it is really great experience for me.  ;D

I will sure check it out now Sir Jonas.

Thanks Sir Jonas! As you know when I first saw the Lumia 1020, I said to myself I want to have that. Then the days started where I always watching advertise, reviews about Lumia 1020. Then after two years, I got it! But before that I can't sleep for excitement! And when we went to Buruanga, I always roam around to find something interesting to shoot. It's an unforgettable experience for me.  :) ;) ;D

Mobile Photography Techniques / Basic Lightroom and Lumia 1020 RAW
« on: June 27, 2015, 07:19:54 AM »
I believe that some great photos came from good enhancing using an on-phone apps or using software installed from the computer. Some mobile photographer tends to love their shot once they saw it. But there is nothing wrong with that as some photographers are already satisfied on their work when they look at it. But if there is a chance to make your photo more amazing and stunning, why not? Right?
In my Lumia 1020 I always use its RAW shooting capability. As what they say about RAW… it is a file format that captures all image data recorded by the sensor when you take a photo. When shooting in a format like JPEG image information is compressed and lost. So what it means is some details when shooting in RAW are still there and always a good choice if your phone have RAW shooting mode. For a phone like Lumia 1020 with large sensor and 38 megapixels effective, it really captures everything to details and colors.
One of the software that I used in enhancing my photos is the Lightroom which I installed on my computer. It is a photo processing program and one of the good choices when it comes in processing your RAW files. In Lightroom you will see many useful settings for enhancing your photos like exposure and contrast, highlights, shadow, saturation, clarity and many other adjustments. That’s why when I am shooting on my Lumia 1020 I just use manual mode if I didn’t get the desired output for my shot, then if auto mode seems good I just press the shutter. I am really dependent on Lightroom to make my photo more beautiful and it is really fun part for me is to process my RAW files.
Here I gonna show you something how Lightroom can change the looks of your photographs.

This photo is one of my favorite shot from my Lumia 1020 I entitled "Me, Myself and the Sun" which I posted for The Mobile Photography blog. When I first saw this on my phone, I'm already happy for my composition.

After processing it to Lightroom, it became more like work of art for me. The colors became more outstanding and the details are more define. It is always about the settings, Lightroom can make different results depends on your adjustments.

Here are the only settings I made for the Me, Myself and the Sun's RAW from Lightroom.

That's why even your simple shot can transform into a stunning picture once you processed it to the Lightroom. What you will just do is explore and experiments to the settings and you will get many different amazing results. It is really limitless.

And here I gonna show you how I process my RAW file in Lightroom.

This is one of my photo taken from the garden of a school. I already imported the file, I select it and press the "develop" module in the Lightroom in order for me to make some adjustments.

If you can see the main subject which is the blue flower, it looks pale in color because that time the sun is at it's high that the lighting is so bright. And furthermore the background is so messy.

Next is adjusting the settings. For me when doing this, I am not focus on the value of each adjustments but the output of changes, as I slide the value, in the picture if it really does make my photo looks more good. The point here is just be free and do experiments to each settings. Be creative and focus on what desired output you really want to see. There are so many possibility in this process.

In this photo I see too much white so I decreased the shadow and the black to have an ideal lighting. Also I increased the clarity to show more detail by making the photo appears to be sharper. Also I increased the vibrance and saturation's value to intensify the colors.

So here are the settings I have made to get the result that for me is good enough.

But sometimes it just not end there. A good photo sometimes need good cropping for it to stand-out.

So in order to avoid messy background and to focus more in my subject which is the flower. I use the crop overlay and I want to see the flower more close enough. There is a grid that will guide you in cropping your photo and still able you to do the rule of the thirds.

Now here is what I get after cropping the picture.

It is really amazing that even we cropped out the picture to it smallest, the details of the photo taken from Lumia 1020 are still clear. That is the power of 38 megapixel RAW file.

So if I am already happy on the results from the adjustments I made, I am ready to import the photo for it to be a picture files which I can view it and post it in any photo sharing sites.
But still remember that you can still re-adjust the setting of the RAW files if you want to change it and import it again as a picture file. You can make this process again and make another one which the setting is different and choose what is the best adjustments you've made.

Enhancing your photo or not, it is still up to you my fellow mobile photographers. But if you want to make your photo more outstanding, transform it to a work of art, so why not use photo editing to make them more wonderful and interesting? But I still admire others who not use any software or apps but still their photo can make us amazed by just looking to them. That is a skill for me.

Thanks guys for reading this article of mine! I hope you enjoyed it!

Before the summer end, me and my friends decided to take a three-day vacation. I have so many reasons to be excited. Many things in my mind I want to do when we get there. And one is photography and posting many photo for The Mobile Photography blog. Also makes me thrilled because finally I have my Lumia 1020 and decided to take a lot of photos. Not just moments with my friends, but also capturing the beauty of the place has to offer.
   I am really amazed by Lumia 1020 when I first saw it in the internet. I dreamed of it and I remember sleepless night before I finally having it. You can say I am a Lumia lover, a big fan, because the phone is simply unique but amazing. So if it something unique, it really stands-out among the rest. And really, I never have been disappointed. The camera is powerful and great. In addition, I got the white camera grip for my black Lumia 1020. It is really a must if you are a shutter bug like me.
   We went to Buruanga which is one of the municipalities here in our province.  The name of the place is not really famous here in the Philippines yet, but it is not means it is not a great place. It is a bit far from our town that we need to travel more than two hours to get there. It is my second time actually to go to Buruanga again after two years. Still the place is still full of wonders when we got there. I remember the my first time I went to one of their resort and I take this shot of this Mangroves and stones below, using my Lumia 520 which I owned before.  Not bad for a 5MP shooter. And below is the capture of the same place using my Lumia 1020.

Taken using my Lumia 520

Taken using my Lumia 1020

Buruanga is just less populated by people. And the municipality is not yet has those things like tall buildings in the cities or progressed towns. That’s why I love the place because the nature here is well preserved. You can see a lot of trees like Mangrove growing in the surface of the clear blue water of the wide open sea. And looking beneath it, the seaweeds are visible also some little fishes and other small marine animals.
   Natural landscapes are still the best and this is the time for my Lumia 1020 to capture the wonders of Buruanga. By the way I always used the phone’s RAW shooting capability and processed it in Lightroom. So first stop is the beach, which for me the view here is rather different than usual beach. The part of the beach here, especially near the shore have different kinds of Mangroves growing big and small. Don’t be scared if you see thorns appearing in the surface of the sea like in the photo below. They are just called ‘pneumotophone’ which helps a Mangrove tree extra oxygen they need. It is totally harmless and still safe to go swimming.

In other parts of the beach, you can see many rock formations which is yellowish in color. Makes the scenery of the beach more interesting to shoot. The sun is at its high, so hot, but nothing stopped me.  Details of the shot from Lumia 1020 are really stunning. It really captures the beauty of the place detail by detail. I used Lumia Camera app in shooting all my photos and sometimes I just shoot them in auto mode if the result is good enough already. If not, I will use manual mode to tweak some settings for my desired output.

Usually I set ISO to 100 because the lightning in the sun is very bright. And also I can able set shutter speed like to 1/1900 in order to avoid blurred in my shot and it will not underexposed because the light is very sufficient.

As we walked beside the beach we saw this dead branch dipping to the waters. I make a composition out of it and you can see the what is under the clarity of the slow waving sea. Lumia 1020 captured all necessary   details and colors that I want to see when I processed the RAW file using the Lightroom. For this one I adjust the focus manually.

For this shot I slide the manual focus of my Lumia 1020 to make an interesting composition. It is really fun part that you choose what focus will give you a good shot.

Then next day, we go relax to one of the cottages of the resort. The sea is so calm in the morning with only ripples on the sea makes the enormous cloud’s reflections makes it more impressive. And then I saw some three people riding in their small boat from far away, they are fishermen. This can make a good composition. So I take a shot of it, many times so that I can choose the perfect position of the fishermen in the photo. Finally, below is the photo I selected which for me is best.

In this shot, the subjects are so far away so I set manual focus to infinity and the rest set as auto.

      Another excitement to me is shooting sunsets. I really cannot do sunset photography in my hometown because structures there are blocking the beauty of it. In simple terms I cannot able to see the sunset where I live. So finally I have the opportunity to shoot fantastic sunset photography with my Lumia 1020.
   This one is a sunset photo that I take from one of the beach in Buruanga. The person there is my close friend and it is a stolen shot so it will just look natural. When I saw the capture, I was really stunned. I got my first sunset photography! And it is extraordinary experience for me shooting it with Lumia 1020.

Most of the time I capture in auto like this shot or just focus been adjusted. But I make sure to take many same shot as possible then later I will choose the best one.

This photo I taken the other day. I reminded myself to check the sun if it is nearly setting down. I wait and I do not want to missed a chance, because sunset is only happened once a day. And I really want to shoot more picture of sunset as possible. The sun looks like aflame when I saw it. The colors of the sky are so wonderful. In addition, silhouettes of people in the composition make it livelier . I shot many of this and this one is the result that I love. It is so marvelous!

In this shot I let my Lumia 1020 do the settings for me. Because if I see it good enough, I just press the shutter. What exciting to me is processing it to the Lightroom which amazing colors revealed.

   Even the sun is already gone, I still captured great photographs. As we know Lumia 1020 have a big sensor which makes your composition still great in low-light. And this photo below is one that proved it. The reflection of the clouds on the sea is so artistic. Yeah, I take a risk of walking in the water with my Lumia 1020 to get this shot. So I am very careful in my every step. For me, we need to take risk sometimes to get an astounding result. And it is really worth it.

In previewing the RAW of this one it is just seems like a simple composition. But when processed to the Lightroom it became more amazing.

   Here is the last one I can show you guys. Another silhouette photography I created with my Lumia 1020. There are big rocks which are placed on the shore to protect the cottages of the resort, where me and my friends are staying, against violent waves of the sea. I really love the colors and for me Lumia 1020 really make it possible for me to capture such an art.

I never thought that this shot can be more stunning. Lumia 1020 captures all hidden colors that sometimes you need to process them in order to be revealed which adds interest to the photo.

Hope you guys enjoyed my article also the photos I showed. It is really a good experience making some amazing photographs using my Lumia 1020. Really thankful that it brings me to the wonderful world of photography. For my fellow mobile photographers, don’t stop capturing the beauty of the world and show for all eyes may see. Keep posting always in this site guys!

Thanks for reading!  ;D

Presentation Board / Re: Hey there i'm from Philippines
« on: June 12, 2015, 03:41:39 AM »
Hey guys! I am from the Philippines too!  ;)

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