Author Topic: How can I stop the loss of metadata when post-editing with photo apps?  (Read 4481 times)

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 Still somewhat a newbie to using apple devices. First iPhone Nov last yr, then Mac & iPad earlier this yr. Was raised strictly a PC & MS guy unti I tried different. My point: I was accustomed to dumping any photos off my mobile onto the computer and easily accessing photo "properties."

Not a problem til I tweaked some photos from vacation and realized the editing apps destroyed most TIFF data (phone cam model, s/ware, date/time), totally erased GPS info, & most of the EXIF data ( flash, exposure, etc...).

Used only reputable apps approved /purchased thru apple's App Store, so it wasn't some sketchy, illegal s/ware or anything. 3 most common apps I use: Snapseed, PS Express, & PhotoPad when I need to resize a large file for email/mms. 

I've gotten spoiled to keeping everything on my mobiles without even touching the computer because it's so convenient, and hoping I don't have to edit mobile photos on the computer to avoid losing metadata thru mobile apps. Any help/suggestions appreciated.

I attached a screenshot as an example of missing data. Top 2 squares=data from edited photo taken seconds apart from unedited bottom photo which retained all its data.  I use Koredoko v4.2.2 to view my photo data.

Thanks in advance!
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  • Re: How can I stop the loss of metadata when post-editing with photo apps?
    « Reply #1 on: September 23, 2012, 11:15:57 PM »
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  • I'm a PC guy and I don't know much about Mac. Still, I know that many apps don't save the original EXIF info from photos and this includes many known apps like Snapseed or Instagram.

    If you want to apply filters to the photos with these programs, there is no much you can do about it. If you only want to resize, crop and other simpler editing, there are softwares that allow you to keep the EXIF info. If you were using a PC, I would recommend you immediately some apps but since you are not, I will have to investigate.

    I will come back to you on this.  :)

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    I've been using Paint.NET and Imagenomic's Noiseware Pro. Fortunately, they preserved EXIF/Metadata on photos even after editing. Well, that's on a PC. Not sure on Mac apps..

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    Imagenomic's Noiseware Pro is a nice software and so many photos can be corrected with it. I got so many photos of kids with me and this will definitely look good on that photos. But I am still unsure about Mac apps.


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