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Budget mobile Photography tips!
« on: May 14, 2014, 11:59:21 PM »
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  • A lot of people believe mobile photography has to be done with flagship phones like Iphone or Galaxy S series phones. But how come they can help you be a mobile photographer when they themselves cost around the same of an entry level DSLR. If you can't afford a DSLR, How would you buy a high end smart phone?

    There are so many people who don't want to print their photos anyway. So, If you are thinking of posting photos online (i.e. facebook or Instagram) you simply don't need a phone that capture pictures at more than 5 mega pixels. I started mobile photography since i've been using android smart phones. These days even cheap phones produce quite good pictures.

    After viewing and experimenting with camera phones i've found the Lumia 520 from Nokia takes the best photos at the cheapest price price point till now. To get more dynamic effects from your photos you can use few apps like Nokia Refocus, Nokia Smart Cam and Nokia Cenemagraph. For editing the Color and adding filter Fotor is the best app for windows phone 8.

    If you're not into windows phone anyway, Get the Moto G from Motorola. The camera is decent and it's a mini power house for everyday multitasking. Even the new Moto E should be taking the same quality photos like the older brother. Picsart is one of the best apps for post-processing and adding filter. Apps like Google Camera are only available for Android Kit-kat 4.4 and above, so going for a cheap smart phone from Samsung or Sony will be a great mistake unless they run the stock Android Kit-kat 4.4.

    Now you've chosen your best budged cameraphone; you've to know few tricks of doing it the right way. These tips are from my personal experience:

    1. Know your camera:
    knowing every features that you're camera phone can offer is a must. Play with it for few hours taking test shots after you've your hands on it. Certainly, its not the best camera out there, so you've to know your limits and push it hard to get what you want from it.

    2. Check the light: Camera phones neither can handle too much light nor too less light because of low dynamic range. So pick a time to shoot when there's not much harsh light in outdoors. Afternoons and evenings are the best time to get beautiful colours on your phone cameras. Try to use artificial lights when shooting indoors to get sharper Image.

    3. Use stabilisers: As you don't have much control on the shutter speed and the lens itself is not fast; to get the best output, use any kind of stabilisers like mini tripod. It'll give you stability, reduce shake in poor lighting conditions and will enable you for a lot of creative shots.

    4. Use dedicated apps: Apps are the best weapons that lets you getting the best output from your camera and create a 'stand out' shot. If you don't use a camera or editing app, it's more likely that you'll end up with a dull looking shot and won't be eye shooting.

    5. Know you're shot: Finally, if you're thinking of taking all type shots with this cheap equipment, you're making a mistake. Camera phones are only suitable for street shots, close-ups & portraits to some extend they are not capable of taking zoom shots; not even for dynamic landscapes. The small sensor won't let you have the details from far away objects. Unless you can capture something interesting, people will lose the interest to look at your work at the first glance.

    For more of my mobile Photography please visit my site: http://arsami-uk.blogspot.co.uk/


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