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  • Adobe Photoshop Express (Windows Phone)
    « on: June 30, 2015, 11:14:21 AM »
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  • There are many photo editing apps available in smartphones right now and all have amazing useful feature in making your photo will look to its best. It is really convenient that if you have those apps installed in your phone you can edit and make fine adjustments on your newly shot compositions right away.
    One photo editor that I like, also been used by many mobile photographers here, is Adobe Photoshop Express which an on-the-go photo editing app. This software is available for iPhone, Android and Windows phones. It has an easy to learn interface and features which are useful on enhancing your photo. I have this installed on my Lumia 1020 and so far I like it and used several times. Also this app is perfect for those who just shot their photo on JPEG format and cannot wait for a computer to edit their pictures.
    So I going to show you guys some tools and features of Adobe Photoshop Express but in Windows phone version. I believe that the interface of this app is still the same in iOS and in Android. This apps is free to download but some features need to be fully purchased in order for you to use them.

    In opening Adobe Photoshop Express, the menus that will show first are Capture and Camera Roll.

    If you select Capture the camera will launch for you to take a shot and that photo will be ready for editing. Other one is Camera Roll where you will choose one picture saved from your phone to be edited.

    Once you chosen a photo, the menus that will show are the looks, adjustments, borders, crop and red eye.
    Also in the bottom part there is a undo, quickfix and see original. The undo will able you to undo the settings you just made. If you press quickfix you allow the app to make an adjustment to your selected photo. One useful feature is the see original, tap this and you will see your photo's original. What is it before you apply some changes so you can compare the changes.
    The undo will able you to undo the settings you just made.

    In tapping looks menu the app will show you many one touch filters like Vibrant, Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter, Invert, Bueno, Pastel, Haze, Koi, Aquatic, Misty, Dappled, Dream, Superpunch, Vivid, Glow, Contrastpunch, B&W, Carmine and many there are many more which need purchased in order for you to apply them in your photos.

    For me, only some of these filters are good and applicable to make a good looking photo. But of course, it's still up to your skills guys.

    There is a slider of how intense the effect of your chosen filter to your photo.
    In every setting you made, the Adobe Photoshop Express is showing you the changes right away.

    So going on to adjustments menu. Here you can see many settings that you can adjust using a slider. Available settings are Clarity, Sharpen, Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, Shadow, Temperature, Tint and Vibrance which are free to tweak your photos to your desired output. Reduce Noise and Defog can be unlocked for purchasing the app. This is where the magic usually happened. Just be creative and experiment to settings as many times as you want. Do not worry, it will not over-write your original.
    But for me the adjustments on free version are already sufficed to make your photo amazing. As they say less is more.

    In borders menu displays variety of frames for your photo which is categorized in three: Basic, Edges and Frames.
    And I really cannot recommend them because for me they make the photo unrealistic or it will look funny. Maybe if there is a good one, it is the Vignette Black only.

    One useful feature of Adobe Photoshop Express is crop. Yeah it can able you to crop your photo with ease.
    Additionally you can able to flip your photo if you like and rotate. But importantly, it also able you to straighten your photo if you captured slightly tilt horizon for example or you just want to tilt the photo intentionally.

    So for me Adobe Photoshop Express is one of the good app that must have for mobile photographers. It is hassle free editing because you can enhance your photo any place at any time with no need of importing it to a computer. More importantly, it has all necessary tools that you will need to make your photo spectacular. Settings are enough to make a good adjustments for your shots.

    So guys, is Adobe Photoshop Express a good photo editing app or not?

    Thanks for reading this article of mine. Hope you enjoyed it my fellow mobile photographers!
    Please free to comment or ask guys!  :)


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