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  • 6 Tips to take better photos with your mobile phone
    « on: September 10, 2012, 06:00:15 PM »
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  • These are some essential tips that you should not miss when you are using a mobile phone to take photos:

    1. Always clean your lens

    A very common problem is having the lens of the camera full of finger prints. This is a phone, something that you are always picking up and, with the camera on the back, there is nothing more normal than having the lens very dirty.

    When cleaning the lens, be sure to use a soft tissue as you don't want go and scratch them.

    2. Avoid using zoom.

    Unless you have a Nokia 808 Pureview phone, using the zoom will always reduce the resolution of your photo. So if you can, it's always better to move closer to the subject of your photo rather zoom in. On a 5 megapixels camera, zooming the regular 4x, will make end up in a photo with less resolution than needed for a simple print on the standard 10x15cm. You will notice the clear decrease of quality and even some digital artifacts in your final photo with full zoom. So consider zoom as a last option.

    Tip: You can always edit your photo later and crop it, which will lead to a similar final result, having you still the original one on full resolution.

    3. Check your options.

    Mobile phones are usually very poor when it comes to camera options, specially if you have some basics of photography. Basic options but very important like Aperture or Shutter Speed are not in your control. Still, there are still some that you can and should explore like ISO, EV,White Balance and, of course, the scenes.

    Still, exploring these few options available can lead to very different results and you will be amazed with some of the results. We will be having articles where we will show you how to explore these settings on your advantage.

    4. Use the maximum resolution

    Don't forget to always set your camera to the maximum resolution available and, if available, the less compression. You don't want to go ruin some great photos because you wanted to save some memory space. If you are running short on space on your phone, back it up to an external memory or upload to the cloud.

    5. Use available apps to improve your photos

    If you have a smartphone, that means that you can install apps. On the stores, like App Store, Play Store, Marketplace or Nokia Store, there are a great collection of apps that can help you taking better photos.

    Most will think that these apps only allow you to apply filters to change the appearance of the photos but the truth is that are also many more that allow you to avoid common mistakes like not having the skyline on a perfect horizontal, help you to apply techniques like the Thirds Rule, locking the exposure and adding more options to the default ones from your phone.

    On our Applications section, you will find photography dedicated apps. We will be adding more there and you can also suggest your favorite ones.

    6. Check the Final result of your photos

    Don't leave the scene without checking the photos you have taken. Go to the gallery and full zoom the photos to see if everything is as it should be. Perfectly focused, no strange things on the photo, no undesired glares from the lens, etc. Remember that what looks great on the small screen of your phone might look quite terrible on a larger screen. If you are not satisfied, take some more shots but don't delete the ones you took unless you are absolutely sure that they are no good or if you need space.

    We will be adding Photography Tips soon so stay tuned!


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