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Title: 10 Tips to get to your photos the attention they deserve
Post by: Jonas on September 26, 2014, 07:02:25 PM

I've been a fan of photography for quite some time and I've participated in many communities along the last years, first participating with my digital camera and, more recently, with my mobile phone, combining two of my passions (phones and photography).

Along these years, I've seen many photographers succeed and many get forgotten. I also got to notice that the reason behind this success was not necessarily connected with the quality of the photos but the person behind it too. Because I saw many of these stop posting their photos that I decided to create this topic with 10 tips to get you noticed on the photography world. It's not some special mobile photography technique but is, nevertheless, most important to mobile photographers.

The points ahead are not rules or a magic solution but things that you should have in mind when you are trying to get noticed. It's also not about how to make great photos but more how you should face the photography world. So, let's go ahead with some tips.

1. Never quit, always improve

This is something that you need to take for your life, so it also applies to your photos. Don't let the lack of reactions and compliments, as well as critics made to your photos, bring you down. Take them as something where you can improve your work (or attitude).

2. Don't bet on quantity, bet on quality

I've seen many people posting on a daily basis all kind of photos. Some are great photos, some are perfectly ordinary or so similar to previous ones that you can hardly notice the difference. You must be your first critic. If you don't find anything special about the photo, it might be better to just don't post it. If you post a lot of ordinary photos, you might end up being ignored, even if in the middle of those were some really great.

3. Get involved

This is one of the major tips I have to give. Everyone begins from zero, so no one knows you when you start. Get involved  on the internet, show your work on the social networks and specialized websites. Be a part of a community of photographers and let them know that you exist. Don't expect being noticed by posting only under your personal profile or website.

4. Follow back

Don't limit yourself to be followed. Follow your fans back and give them some attention (love) too. You might get impressed on what you can learn by just appreciating photos from other people.

5. Give feedback

If someone comments your photos, give them some feedback, even if only a "thanks". If someone ask you a question, try to answer it. Also, comment on others photos, regardless to compliment them or to give them some advise/opinion. Not commenting on others photos will make you look selfish and you will end loosing followers or at least disappoint them. Everyone likes a feedback.

6. Spread, don't spam

Take the point number 3 carefully. One thing is to get involved, other thing is to spam your contacts. Just because you took one great photo, don't spam it over and over again. If the photo is really good, she will have the deserved attention by the others.

7. Study

I've seen many people saying that they take their photos by pure instinct and they can't care less for any techniques. That techniques even take the purism of the photos. Regardless the fact that the instinct is the most important thing to make your photos unique, don't undervalue the photography techniques and concepts as they might just make your photos even better. Almost all professional photographers and artists have made graduations or have some degree in this specific area.

8. Be true to yourself

You can learn a lot with others photos but remember that everyone has their own style. Don't force yourself to take some type of photos that you feel you can't take them. This applies to any kind of photos (street photography, panoramas, post-processed photos) but doesn't mean that you don't give it a try.

9. Keep a good balance between your secret techniques and sharing them

Everyone has their own secrets. Keeping them for yourself might be necessary to maintain your work unique but, if possible, share your knowledge with others. If you can't be specific, give generic tips. Your followers will love your shares.

10. You are never a star

Even if you get to turn out to be a "star" because of your photos, don't forget your roots. Keep yourself as you always were and close to your fans and they will follow you until the end of the world.

So, these are, what I think, some basic tips to get you noticed on the internet. There is much more you can do and if you have some specific tip to give that I didn't mentioned, please post it here.  :)

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Title: Re: 10 Tips to get to your photos the attention they deserve
Post by: Armineh on September 26, 2014, 08:12:45 PM
To the point!
Great article, Joao  :Thumbs
Title: Re: 10 Tips to get to your photos the attention they deserve
Post by: Jonas on September 26, 2014, 09:27:43 PM
Thank you Armineh!  :)   Hope will help some to get their way into the mobile photography.
Title: Re: 10 Tips to get to your photos the attention they deserve
Post by: Ashish Pandey on October 01, 2014, 06:39:17 AM
Awesome.. I'll definitely follow these rules.
Title: Re: 10 Tips to get to your photos the attention they deserve
Post by: Nerbytoo on January 25, 2016, 04:05:27 AM
You make me think of a reason, and you provide more information.
Title: Re: 10 Tips to get to your photos the attention they deserve
Post by: fastbob72 on January 24, 2017, 07:33:10 PM
An excellent article.I particularly like the point about technique and instinct.Yes,as a musician and car modder/engine builder (which is as much art as it is engineering) I've always been a huge advocate of instict and an intuitive approach to creating anything.In fact,jump in at the deep end,sink or swim has been very much my approach to life in general,one which I have always preferred but perhaps wouldn't advise to everybody unless you're supremely talented,confident or unwise lol.

All that being said I can jam with others on guitar or build cars because of a thorough grounding in both subjects so fully agree that a sound understanding of the basics of photography are a true attribute for both the amatuer learning the craft (like myself) or the truly gifted and naturally talented to be able to then riff off the basics intuitively.

Great post :)
Title: Re: 10 Tips to get to your photos the attention they deserve
Post by: Santosh Jha on February 27, 2017, 06:19:36 PM
Being the first day at the great community and I am guided well at this great post. Call it a coincidence or luck but this a kind of mindshaper for the beginners in the world of the photography, like me (The first to be named).

While browsing the gallery I got to know I need to learn a lot from seniors.

Great Post for learners.