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  • Joby Gorillapod GRIPTIGHT STAND Review
    « on: September 29, 2013, 11:20:52 AM »
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  • Introduction

    Probably most don't give much importance to tripods as they just like to go with their phones in the hand and shooting pics along the way. Well, a tripod gives you a whole new set of possibilities. With it you can take photos where you actually appear (by using a timer option), you can make long exposure photos (no more blurry ones), you can create Timelapse scenes or make a video (just like when I do my video reviews).

    In the Box

    In the box there are no surprises. You will receive the basic Mount for your smartphone and the Tripod where you attach the Mount. You get also a small helping instructions on how to use the Mount, the tripod and how to attach a digital camera.


    Once you get to start using the Tripod with the Mount, you will quickly realize that you have bought a quality product. The great design of this tripod allows you to make it fit to almost any circumstance due to his flexible legs composed by more than two dozen joints that will be able to grip to almost anything.

    One of the major reasons that I have chose this tripod, apart from the Joby brand that guarantees me a quality product, was the fact that the Mount and the Tripod come in separated and with an Universal 1/4 - 20" tripod screw. This allows me to use the Mount on other tripods (I actually own a tripod for my digital camera which is compatible with this) and/or use the Tripod to other devices, like your digital camera (my digital camera can be attached to this tripod). So, this tripod not only will serve for your mobile phone but has a lot of other potential uses.

    The Mount fits all mobile phones between 54mm-72mm (2.1"-2.8") wide, which goes between an iPhone4S to the large Nokia Lumia 920. It basically just won't fit larger phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note II. It's build with Steel Springs and has rubber pads to hold the phone.

    The Tripod had a rubber on the legs to add an extra grip and it can bend and rotate to allow a 360 rotation. It also has a Quick-Release clip that allows you to detach the phone from the tripod while maintaining the phone on the Mount.

    The same applies to your digital camera as you can quickly remove it from the tripod and attach to it again.

    Overall, not being the smallest tripod (86 x 30 x 173mm - 3.4x1.2x6.8") to carry (Joby has a pocket tripod model), the design makes this tripod one of the smallest and yet more versatile that you can find on the market, with an height of only 67gr (2.4 oz).

    One thing is missing on this tripod (which some other have) that is a water bubble level that helps your to understand if your phone/camera is rightly position on a perfect horizontal/vertical way.


    This tripod has the advantage to grab to almost anything and the joints allow you to get the exact position you want. After you get your tripod set, you can fine adjust the phone to align the photo just the way you like it without the need to adjust the legs. You can also play with the legs in order to get the best stable position. I usually use 2 legs to grab something and the 3rd to stabilize the position.

    The fact that you can set the legs in any position you want allows you to make from this tripod an handheld tripod for video too. If you attach some weight to it, you can imitate some of the professional handheld stabilizer video tripods.

    One disadvantage of this tripod is the fact that if you don't have anything where you can grab it, you will have a very low position. Here, a tripod with extensive legs is more adequate.

    Where to buy & Price

    Joby has local representatives where you can buy or order their tripod. That's what I did and it cost me 40 Euros. You can also buy it online on their official site where is priced at $29.95, plus shipping costs: http://joby.com/smartphones/griptight-gorillapod-stand


    In my opinion, this is an essential accessory for advanced mobile photographers and important for amateurs. Many are proud of their handheld photos but believe me that you will get much better results using a tripod. Plus, you will be able to do more things like videos, timelapse scenes or even better HDR (specially at night).

    The fact that the mount for the phone is adaptable to other tripods gives an extra value to this model that, along with the quality of the materials, should guarantee a good lifetime usage to it.

    * High quality materials
    * Versatile tripod that can grab to almost anything
    * Mount that will fit almost all smartphones on the market
    * Serves both for mobile phone and digital cameras
    * Mount can be used on other tripods

    * Misses the water bubble level
    * A bit pricey, specially on some countries


    Final Score:   Highly Recommended


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