Author Topic: iPhone5 Camera Review made by Dpreview Connect  (Read 5285 times)

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  • iPhone5 Camera Review made by Dpreview Connect
    « on: October 11, 2012, 10:01:11 AM »
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  • The site Dpreview Connect has done an excellent review of the new iPhone5 camera. We had already covered all the features of the iPhone5 Camera before but now you can read a professional like review on Dpreview Connect article.

    These were the overall conclusions from their review:

    Conclusion - Pros:

        * Excellent resolution at low ISO sensitivity settings in good light
        * Reliable metering and white balance in daylight
        * Supremely easy to use Camera App
        * Hardware shutter button (volume keys)
        * Bright, contrasty, very high-resolution LCD screen
        * Excellent built-in HDR and Panorama modes
        * Effective touch-to-focus/AE and AF/AE lock options

    Conclusion - Cons:

        * Relatively poor flash performance in low light - camera-shake is a real risk
        * Yellowish results under warm artificial light
        * Occasional moire issues with very fine detail (fabric, straight lines, etc.)
        * Lens 'purple haze' flare isn't as big a problem as some have made out, but it can be an issue
        * Occasionally slow, hesitant AF (but accuracy is generally very high)

    The iPhone5 camera is still beaten by the Nokia 808 Pureview that continues to be the reference of the market and the best camera on a smartphone till now.

    We strongly recommend you to read the full article and look at the sample photos at the Dpreview Connect site. You can reach it by this link: http://connect.dpreview.com/post/1343713337/apple-iphone-5-review

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    Re: iPhone5 Camera Review made by Dpreview Connect
    « Reply #1 on: June 05, 2015, 06:21:33 AM »
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  • The next day I read this quote.


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