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  • Gallery Rules
    « on: July 21, 2012, 06:56:47 PM »
    * Generic Rules *

    1.   This Forum is exclusively for Mobile Photography. The only accepted photos uploaded are from mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

    2.   TheMobilePhotographyBlog is not responsible for copyright issues. If you are concerned about it, you can add watermarks to your photos.

    3.   Pornographic, obscene or violent photos are not allowed and will result in the ban and deletion of all photos of that member.

    4.   Regular Members can upload up to 3 photos per day. There is no current limit in terms of space or number of photos that can be uploaded by members.

    5.   Members can at any time edit or remove their uploaded photos.

    6.   Spammers will be banned.

    7.   Pictures must not be bigger that 6000x6000 with a limit of 12 Megapixels or exceed 10Mb. While uploading bigger resolution photos, the Forum will automatically resize them (note: Photo with high resolution might cause an error (white screen) and not showing the photo due to site limitations).

    8.   Any upload from other device rather a mobile device, will be deleted. Any attempt to falsify a photo will lead to a ban.

    9.   Abusive Rating Spam will not be tolerated and might lead to a ban.

    10.   Comments must be all made in English. Comments based on Copy/Paste are not allowed. Comments all made in CAPS or Bold, as well smile spam, will be edited or might simply be deleted.

    11.   No advertisement or messages on photos are allowed.

    12.   The usage of photos from other persons is strictly forbidden, even if you have their permission or give credit to them.

    13.   The creation of multiple accounts is forbidden for any reasons, including to avoid the limits defined on the forum. This will lead to a ban of all related accounts.

    14.   Any photo that has been heavily changed by software or application, should be posted on the category of "Digital Artwork". Please mention the phone and application used if EXIF info doesn't reveal that.

    * Privacy Policies *

    1.   This is a public Forum. By posting your photos here, you are aware that they will be visible to anyone that visits the site.

    2.   TheMobilePhotographyBlog won't make commercial usage of the images uploaded of their members (sell to third parties). TheMobilePhotographyBlog will share the photos on the social networks (Facebook, Twiiter, YouTube and others) and/or in the blog in order to give visibility to the mobile photographers and for promoting the site. We won't and can't guarantee the same by other members.

    * Disclaimer *

     The TheMobilePhotographyBlog:

    1.   Isn't responsible for any moral, monetary or any other kind of damage caused by his members or third party users.

    2.   Don't guarantee the safety of the photos uploaded as this isn't a repository service.

    3.   Can, at any time, remove an uploaded picture that , in his judgement, violates the terms of this Forum.


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