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hi10rathod says: hello....loved your blog...great job
Jonas says: Hey mate!!!  ^-^
Ren Verse says: Hi guys! ^_^
Jonas says: Sure! When I created this site was to have hi-res photos...  ;)
Ren Verse says: Well as long as the details of the photo are still okei I think it's no problem to me. I want my uploaded photo still have the quality. Hehe
Jonas says: I think I solved the problem with the file size. I still doubt that 34MP will upload but it should support bigger pictures.  :)
Ren Verse says: Yeah Jonas! I just figured that I should set the resolution. I thought the site cannot accept more than 2MB size of photo.
Jonas says: Hi Snail!
Jonas says: Yes, the 34MP from Lumia1020 are not supported... To heavy for the site...  :)
Snail says: hey guy
Ren Verse says: Yeah! I figured out that maybe I should just reduced the resolution of my photo to be uploaded.
Jonas says: Hi Ren Verse! Are you able to upload now?
Ren Verse says: Hey guys! I just wanna ask if there is a problem to the site? Because I cannot upload new photos. Thanks!
Jonas says: Thank you guys!...  Sorry for the late reply... it's been crazy days here!  ^_^
Fonsini says: Happy B Jonas! :D
sanjay.k.seth.5 says: Happy birthday Jonas
Jonas says: Nice to see you here Mouell!  :)
Mouell Francisco says: Its been awhile Sir jonas hahaha i miss the blog :)
sanjay.k.seth.5 says: Thanks Jonas 😊
Jonas says: Happy Birthday Sanjay!
Jonas says: Thanks Zsola! I moved to a new place to live! Busy days! :)
Zsola11 says: Have a nice trip Jonas! :)
Professor says: Welcome to everyone that has discovered us via Reddit.
Jonas says: So many new great photos!... I'm traveling, so I'm a bit absent but I'll check every photo when I have the chance.  :)
Jonas says: You are welcome Marife! Such beautiful photo deserves to be featured and it had a great impact on our social networks!  :)
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