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Fonsini says: Hi guys! Anxious to see the next photo of the week. :)
Jonas says: Hey Guys! I'm back from my holidays! :)
Jonas says: Thanks Nirvana! Always looking to improve.
Nirvana says: Recent gallery comments is cool.
Fonsini says: Wow! :)
Fonsini says: Well done Hgerii for the shot of the week!
Jonas says: ;D
Fonsini says: NICE Jonas! :)
Jonas says: Now we have Recent Gallery Comments too at the Homepage!  :D
Jonas says: Seems like everyone enjoys the changes. Great!
gotaskar says: Hello all, I liked the new look of website, good improvements.
janica_pt says: I personaly also like it better like now. Well done, good improvement. ;)
AirAzores says: Hey guys! Like the new look!
Jonas says: Glad that you like it! ;D
Fonsini says: Indeed! :D
Professor says: Very nice changes :)
Fonsini says: Hello Jonas!
:D Love it the new changes! ;)
PureView1000 says: Hello Mobile World... Love the site and meet people who loves not only mobile photography... but photography at all :)
Jonas says: Hello to all!  :)
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