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PictureitMobile says: If you like taking pics with your phone - you have to check this out! https://www.pictureitmobile.com/collections/all
PictureitMobile says: Hello from the beautiful Oregon Coast!
Jamal says: Hi!
New here , how are you all? :)
Natty Kish says: Hello photographers, please have a visit on this link  https://onemanoneclick.wordpress.com/2016/12/13/onemanoneclick-pigeon-beautiful-pigeons-small-pigeons-nattykish-photography/
Mouell Francisco says: Hello Jonas? Still remember me haha ik back after almost a year of absence i missed everyrhing here. When will you interview me? Haha just kidding. I missed posting ill post later. I missed mobile photography. Been busy for my nursingcareer hehe. :)
Jonas says: Our servidor provider has changed the site from server. Some more recent pics might have been lost unfortunately. We do apologize.
Jonas says: Check out this article http://themobilephotographyblog.com/forum-support/how-to-maximize-the-experience-on-the-mobile-photography-blog/ and on the Gallery you have a "Add Photo" button. Look for it!  :)
Jigar Mevada says: how can i upload my pics>???
Amruta says: Hi Guys, How can I share a post or a photo here?
Fernando Mendez says: bad news ..thax Ren Verse
Ren Verse says: I afraid no. Because camera phones before have no RAW shooting capability.
Fernando Mendez says: helloo guys..i have a question..is nokia purview 808 take photos in RAW ?
Zsola11 says: My pic is the photo of the week? Thank you so much! :)
shiv.maneyapanda says: This is a kind request to the admin- It would be great for this blog to be mobile friendly. So that we can view this blog or upload photos directly from our phones. Just to make it easy.
sanjay.k.seth.5 says: Thanks TMPB for photo of the week
Ren Verse says: Click gallery link then add picture. But first make sure you have already created an account for this site.
francobucks says: How can i upload my photos here??
Jonas says: Hi Fernando! That is still one of our goals but it isn't easy or cheap to develop an app for the site. Maybe one day!  :)
Fernando Mendez says: hello guyz and thanks for this great site..
im from Sudan ( africa ) and we have a terrible network so i hope you  develop an application for mobile phones😃☺
Jonas says: Thanks! ^_^ Feel free to share your photos, comments and tips!  :)
hi10rathod says: hello....loved your blog...great job
Jonas says: Hey mate!!!  ^-^
Ren Verse says: Hi guys! ^_^
Jonas says: Sure! When I created this site was to have hi-res photos...  ;)
Ren Verse says: Well as long as the details of the photo are still okei I think it's no problem to me. I want my uploaded photo still have the quality. Hehe
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