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This site is divided in two main parts, the Forum and the Gallery. To search something on the site, you have also two options, search on the Forum or search on the Gallery.


Search on the Forum

This search is indicated if you are searching for an article, a tip or techniche, an app or just some answer related with a doubt that you have related with your phone or any photography technique. It's always recommendable to search before starting a new topic.


Search on the Gallery

Searching on the Gallery is indicated if you are looking for photos. It can be about some specific theme, a member from the site or it can be about some specific phone of which you pretend to check the photo quality. The options are many for you to explore.

One tip when searching for photos taken with phone. Before getting frustrated for not finding the pretend, check some photos to understand how the phone appears described. For example, to search for photos taken with the you should check the box "Search Exif Model" and search for "Lumia 1020" (with the space) while for the iPhone6 you should put in the same field "iPhone 6".

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